1. i'd never heard the "uplink data transmissions" 12" until i downloaded tracks on your website. what do you think about that 12" in retrospect? what year did that come out? how did you get to where you are today from there?

V/Vm Contrast yes that was made back in 96 and it was a nice way to start for us, i think first releases are always the hardest to get past. i mean you can look at autechres first release "cavity job" which is hardcore/rave and say how did they get to where they are now - but i think you just do and one day when it's all finished you sit and look and go shit - look at that mess i've just left behind... right now i'm just working on instinct.

2. the wire article was enthusiastic and hype-ish - since then their (the wire) reviews have been less than friendly (in my opinion) towards your work - how do you view the press in general and the wire in particular when it comes to making music? does the press affect what direction you take in any way?

V/Vm James yeah the wire have virtually ignored us ever since i called scanner a twat as they are friends with him. but that's up to them i still stand by the fact he's a twat. but yeah the press need the musicians as much as we need the press. but what is sad is press which needs advertising revenue because then you read not a review but a tactfully considered review to keep the advertising money rolling in. i never advertise anywhere - so i think that leaves journalists and the press free to call it good or shit and i'm happy with either.

3. from my vantage point, there is something very 'english' about v/vm - the graphics, the pop culture references, even the music you choose to mangle - do you agree? is there something specific about the cultural climate/situation in england that makes you do what you do?

of course - we are all products of our environment. VVM is very northern english in its outlook and output. but again it crosses over and it appeals to a world audience judgung by the e-mails i get from all over the place.

4. i read a review of one of your live shows where the writer didn't know what to make of the masks and costumes. i think he interpreted it as some sort of commentary on the facelessness of pop culture or some such thing. so, what's with the masks and costumes?

well the masks and costumes are used for a reason of course and it all ties in with the output, but again people interpret it in many ways and that can only be good. there is no right way to interpet it.

5. how do you imagine people listen to or "use" your music? what would be your suggested listening environment for something like the "machine components" 7"s, as opposed to the "selected memories from the haunted ballroom" cd, as opposed to the "sick love" cd?

V/Vm Head-Pig-Chicken well it's music for different moods, sick love is for that special love moment when your lover has run off with the local librarian, the ballroom is late at night music, machine music is for that time when you want to build something ----- but i think that's what keeps vvm interesting, the labels output is very diverse for a small label and we take chances with our output. i mean our audience is small and it would be easy to just churn out what they want and then we're all happy, but fuck that i want to release as many different things as i can and pull in more and different people but equally you lose others along the way but then regain them later anyway. but variety is the spice of life or so they say.

6. in the new "hate you" cd, the list of musicians you is long and incomplete. i've read your elaboration on the dj spooky hate, and some of your other 'hates' are fairly obvious (thom yorke, badly drawn boy, fatboy slim, mr. scruff, etc) but what about dj scud and praxis? could you elaborate on that hate?

dj scud and praxis, well i could elaborate but i'll choose not to right now - they've said too much and i say nothing so that's all there is to it - there are reasons for it and one thing is for sure it's not musical because the music vvm releases compared to praxis and scud is a million miles away, - but like everything there's a story to be found. but i love them both anyway -

7. back to the "hate you" cd - v/vm hates a lot of people - but who does v/vm love? anyone?

oh i love everyone who is on the hate list for starters - that's what the cd says - it's one big contradiction //

8. who is Russ Abbot and why is he on the cover of "hate you"?

yeah russ abbot was a big english tv comedian, very popular in the 80's and was voted world pipe smoker of the year one year. but i like russ,,,, these days he stars in musicals in london - if anybody is wondering.

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